October 2019

NC Countdown to College is an annual campaign to support high school seniors in completing three important college enrollment steps:

Residency | FAFSA | Applications


To be eligible for in-state tuition, state grants, and certain financial aid, you must show that you are a resident of North Carolina. Go to www.ncresidency.org to complete your residency determination, also known as RDS. This is important regardless of what college or university you may attend in North Carolina. You will use the same username and password for www.ncresidency.org and www.CFNC.org.


Completing the federal Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) gives you access to the largest source of financial aid to pay for college.  In addition to federal financial aid, the State of North Carolina and most NC colleges use FAFSA information to award state and institutional financial aid.  You might want to complete NC’s Residency Determination Service process at the same time as your FAFSA since much of the required information is the same.


College Application Week for 2019 is October 21-25 (5:00 p.m.) and volunteers at hundreds of NC high schools will help students submit online applications for admission. During this week, many North Carolina colleges and universities waive their application fees. Qualifying students can use the College Board or ACT fee waiver for institutions not waiving their application fees (see your high school counselor for more information).

College Sophomore Shares Her FAFSA Story
Using CFNC to Apply to College
Decision Day, West Charlotte High School
CFNC Application Hub Overview

During College Application Week 2018, hundreds of volunteers helped 18,087 students submit 48,847 admission applications and 52,869 electronic high school transcripts.  20,359 applications were submitted from Tier 2 counties and 8,185 applications were submitted from Tier 1 counties.