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Four Steps to a Successful NC Countdown to College at Your School

Due to the success of past College Application Weeks and to changes in residency requirements and the FAFSA, NC educational partners are expanding the annual event to encompass an entire month. Now the event will help support high school seniors in completing three important college enrollment steps: residency, FAFSA, and applications. There is one week (October 15th-19th) during the month long initiative when colleges will be accepting fee waivers from eligible students or potentially waiving application fees.  Please consider these four steps for a successful event at your school this year:


register your school

You’ll want to register your site as hosting a College Application Week event so your team can receive the latest materials and updates.



Decide the activities and schedule you’d like to follow at your school (click here for some activity ideas).  Plan for computer lab space, volunteers, and communication with students and parents.  Watch for webinars this fall to discuss ideas with your colleagues.


conduct activities

Suggested calendar for students:

WEEK ONE – FAFSA and residency
WEEK TWO – Prepare students to apply
WEEK THREE (Oct 15-19) – Help students apply
WEEK FOUR – Follow-up



Help us evaluate the event and consider how you want to evaluate your local event.

During College Application Week 2016, hundreds of volunteers helped 22,334 students submit 72,122 admission applications and 30,185 electronic high school transcripts.


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